Alexander Turpault Table Linens

Founded in the town of Cholet, France, in 1847, ALEXANDRE TURPAULT has produced outstanding household linens in 100% linen, cotton and cotton linen blends, for over the past 165 years.

For many years, ALEXANDRE TURPAULT was a prominent figure in the luxury goods market. In 1878 and 1889 the company was awarded a silver and gold medal for the quality and design of their fabrics at the Paris Universal Exhibition.

Today, ALEXANDRE TUPAULT designs bear the origin mark “Toilles de Cholet”, a guarantee of quality established in 1677. Pure linen lines and linen mix lines bear the “Fleur Blue” and “Masters of Linen” trademarks as a further mark of quality for the discerning client.



Fetes Galantes


La Haut

Le Repas Du Lion


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