DEA Fine Linens

DEA is a company that was born in the 1960’s in Florence, Italy, from Mrs. Dea Mantellasi’s personal interest in the design and the creation of custom made items.

Dea’s brothers, Alfredo and Franco, joined the company in the 70’s and together they have expanded the business world wide. DEA is exclusively designed and created in Italy. Staying true to their values of quality, design and customer service has taken DEA from a regional company in Florence to the finest boutiques in Europe, North America, Middle and East Asia.

All DEA products are made form natural fibers: cotton sateen, percale and voile, linen and silk. The lace used in their products is made in Italy, France and Switzerland and is made 100% of natural material. Any DEA embroidered bed linens may be produced on Italian percale, 1000 thread count sateen, or 100% linen fabric. DEA embroidered bed linens also have matching embroidered terry towels and bedspreads (pique coverlet).

The DEA Collections are designed for the home that is “lived in” yet refined, elegant and always comfortable. Whether for the bed, bath or table, all DEA products share the same characteristics: an easy “mix and match” compatibility perfect for any season.




Diana (Embroidery)

New York (Embroidery)

Ramages (Embroidery)

Sole (Embroidery)

Solidea (Embroidery)

Bianca Ajour

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Ibla (Jacquard)

Ibla (Jacquard)

Sfumature (Jacquard)

Suede Edge

Fringed Cashmere Throw

Whipstich Cashmere Throw

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